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Martini Construction’s Consultation

Our consultation process is designed to flesh out your vision right then and there. Come into our office for real-time planning and discussion. 

Concept drawings are costly. When you team up with Martini Construction, you receive your project’s unique concept drawing at no cost to you.



For New Construction & Improvement Projects

First things first: a 15-minute conference call to discuss the high-level scope of work, your needs, and your wants.

This helps us understand your overall requirements (budget, etc.).

We would like to get to know you and your new project as much as possible. Come by our office to have a detailed discussion about your project. At the end of the meeting (or the next day at the latest), you’ll have a concept drawing at no charge. 

If you’re looking for improvements to an existing development, we can do your Consultation after Step 4!

A walk-through of your building (or property, if your project is new construction) is required so we can gather all of the necessary information for our site investigation report.

Here we review all existing site conditions, identify risks and constraints, measure the site, and identify potential design opportunities and challenges.

After the SIR is compiled, we draw up a preliminary design.

Once the design’s approved, we draft a budget and proposal.

Before we draw up the project’s contract, we have a meeting with you to review the preliminary design, budget, and the full proposal. This is the best time for you to address any concerns or to let us know any adjustments you wish to see.

If you have any adjustments, we’ll revise everything to your expectation.

The moment everything is approved by you, we draft a contract that states the agreed-upon budget (which we will never go over) and the invoice schedule. The moment you sign this contract, things are officially rolling.

All preliminary documents are approved, and your contract is signed. Now we prepare in-house permit drawings and apply them to the city for approval.

This is generally the step that takes the longest —  the city reviews applications at its pace, not ours.

There are 2 options for this meeting: 

  1. Use our design team – this saves you time and money. You’ll see our inventory of materials and more. It’s all on-site and included within the project budget.
  2. Use your team – have your own designers? No problem! Bring everyone down. We’ll review their specifications & logistics together.

We’ll provide you with a room by room spec list along with a digital rendering of what each room will look like once the project is complete.

Before we start the build, we’ll walk through the plan (on-site) for final approval.

We get to work on the actual construction of your project!

Once construction is complete, we’ll walk through the site with you and ensure the approved plan has been delivered. If there are deficiencies, we’ll correct them before we hand the keys over.

One month after completion, we’ll follow up with you to ensure you have no questions or concerns.

How Long Will My Project Take?

Office & Tenant Improvements

All of the steps before the actual build takes roughly 12-14 weeks.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Once the SIR for your building is complete, it takes about 1 week for your conceptual design to be drafted. 
  • After the concept is approved, it takes 3 weeks for the pricing and formal proposal to be created and approved.
  • After you sign the contract, It takes about 8 weeks for building permits to be drafted, sent, and approved, though sometimes longer if your municipality is backlogged.


Build time varies according to the size and type of your project.

New Construction

All of the steps before the actual build takes roughly 5 months and 2 weeks.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Once the SIR for your property is complete, it takes about 2 weeks for your conceptual design to be drafted.
  • When you approve the concept, it takes about 4 weeks for us to put together a formal proposal and quote.
  • The longest part of this process is gaining approval for the building permits. Generally, it takes a municipality 4 months to review and approve New Construction permits. 


Build time varies according to the size and type of your project.

Ready To Work
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We’ll work to create a concept drawing by the time you leave — which you get at no extra cost.

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