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SERVICES | Construction Management

Construction Management is a form of delivery in which the Owner contracts separately with the Architect and Contractor. Under this format, we act as an agent for the Owner, assuming responsibility for the overall planning, development and control of a project from inception to completion. Under typical circumstances, out clients prefer to acquire our management in the early stages of design.

This allows us to provide various pre-construction services such as cost estimations, scheduling, and input on feasibility, constructability and design.

We coordinate with the Owner from start to finish to complete the client’s vision and to ensure the success and timeliness of the project. We prepare, tender and manage trade contracts, provide costing, schedules, communication protocols, the selection of subtrades, and the procurement of labour, materials and equipment. In addition to managing operations off-site, we provide expert on-site supervision of trades and we secure the site, ensuring a safe working environment for everyone involved.

Our value-added services and years of experience are guaranteed to ease the stress of construction no matter the size or type of project.

Advantages of Construction Management include:

  • Competitive trade contractor bidding
  • Early Construction input to the design-cost and schedule certainty
  • Pre-qualification of trade contractors
  • Saving time and money through the overlap of design and construction approvals. Also facilitates ordering long lead time items
  • Generally lower fees than general construction
  • Format can be converted to a lump sum of guaranteed maximum price