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SERVICES | Design-Build

Design-Build, or “Turn-Key” is an increasingly popular construction delivery system intended to streamline the design and construction process. In this system, the contractor assumes responsibility for both the design and construction of the project. Design-Build brings together design and construction so that certain aspects of the project may overlap. For example, the construction may begin while a portion of the building is still being designed.

Design-Build is both practical and economical, and it reduces time involved in getting approvals, technical drawings, assembling materials, construction, commissioning and demobilization. At Martini Construction, we assemble an expert team that is capable and ready to fulfill all your project expectations.

Some advantages of Design-Build over other construction methods are:

  • Before committing to the purchase of property or the cost of completion, clients are provided with a quote detailing a guaranteed maximum price for the project.
  • Design-Build allows increased accountability and eliminates confusion. It is an organized and consolidated approach to the construction process.
  • Because a single source is responsible for the design and construction processes, approvals overlap, saving both time and money.
  • Early trade and supplier input to the design ensures consensus and approval of finishes, massing and detailing of systems.
  • The Design-Build method represents 30% of all non-residential construction